Rental of eco-responsible event equipment and reception furniture - ISO 20121 certified
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Rental Touch Terminal | Interactive Screen | Paris & PR

Touch screens and terminals have become essential elements to energize your professional events. Whether for a conference, trade show, exhibition or product launch, these interactive devices help improve participant engagement by providing an intuitive and modern user experience.
Touch Screens: Our high quality touch screens are available in several sizes to suit all your needs. Ideal for interactive presentations, product demonstrations or information stands, they enable fluid and engaging interaction with your content. With their high resolution and responsiveness, you can captivate your audience with crisp visuals and latency-free interactions.
Tactile Terminals: Tactile terminals are perfect for welcoming and guiding your visitors, collecting data or offering interactive experiences during your events. Easy to install and use, they offer a modern and elegant solution to enrich the experience of your participants. Our kiosks are customizable to reflect your brand image and can be used for surveys, registrations, interactive games and much more.
At Solutions Événements, we are committed to providing innovative and quality solutions for memorable interactive experiences during your professional events.

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