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Rent Wired Microphone | Wedding & Events | Oise

Welcome to our "Wired Microphones" category, dedicated to events where sound clarity and reliability are essential. We offer you a selection of wired microphones from the essential brand Shure, known for its exceptional performance and robustness.. Whether you are organizing a speech, a conference, a wedding or any other event, our Shure wired microphones guarantee high-quality voice capture.
Our range includes world-renowned models like the BETA57, SM57 and SM58, all equipped with XLR connections for universal compatibility with your PA systems.
The BETA57 is perfect for musicians and speakers looking for a versatile mic capable of capturing a wide variety of sound sources. With a wide frequency response and great sensitivity, it is ideal for instruments and vocals, ensuring faithful and dynamic sound reproduction.
The SM57 is a classic choice for audio professionals. Used for both vocals and instruments, this mic is known for its robustness and ability to handle high sound pressure levels without distortion. Its cardioid polar pattern helps minimize background noise, providing optimal sound clarity in all situations.
The SM58 is the most iconic wired mic for speeches and vocal performances. Its robust design and spherical grille with integrated pop filter make the SM58 the preferred choice for live concerts and public speaking. It guarantees clear and precise voice reproduction, even in the most demanding environments.
By opting to rent our Shure wired microphones, you benefit from professional quality equipment without the high purchasing costs. Our equipment is carefully maintained and tested to ensure impeccable performance with every use. Our team of experts is at your disposal to advise you and assist you in the choice and installation of microphones suitable for your event.

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