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Delivery with a nice truck !

Equipped with our trucks we offer the delivery of all our event equipment and reception furniture available for rent. Easily recognizable you have already met one of our technicians at the wheel of a truck dressed in a beautiful Eiffel Tower suspended with the branding «promised, after we give it back to you!». The cab of the truck is decorated with an adhesive sticker in total covering one of the colors of the logo Solutions Événements. Because we want an impeccable quality of service, one of our priorities is the driving comfort of our teams. That’s why we chose MAN TGE trucks with automatic gearboxes for less stress in traffic jams! With latest generation environmental engines our fleet complies with the Euro6 standard. All our trucks are equipped with a lift hatch for easy handling of heavy loads. To guarantee a reliable service available at the last moment, our entire fleet is recent, maintained and cleaned monthly!
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we're on our way - everything is ok !

With our geolocated trucks you are notified before each delivery or resumption of our arrival. On request and with a premium formula we can entrust you with the direct contact details of our driver, as well as all the necessary identity documents. But if you have a question you can also call the standard and ask Julien who schedules every day all our interventions.
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7

Every day, anywhere,
any time !

For small and large events we operate 24/24 and 7/7. Whether for the delivery or recovery of your rental equipment, but also for the assembly and disassembly of your event, our teams of furniture assemblers and audiovisual technicians can intervene from Monday to Sunday day or night. To better pay our employees and in compliance with the labor code, an increase in the hourly rate is applied when the event service takes place on weekends or nights. We’ll take care of everything! In the event that our mission is itinerant or several hundred kilometers from our warehouse we take care of organizing the accommodation and catering of our deliveryman then the assembly teams.
Delivery 24/7 Solutions Événements
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7

Choose your
to be
on time

Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Because the organization of an event cannot be improvised, Solutions Evénements offers a tailor-made logistics service with a « PREMIUM » formula. Choose the time you want and we will be present within 60 minutes to proceed with the delivery or the resumption of the order. This service operates from Monday to Sunday and at any time of the day or night. The tarif is fixed according to the volume and weight of the goods transported. Like a luxury concierge service you can get all the information about the driver and the truck (name, age, know his tattoos, his hair color, know if he is registered in Tinder... and also the registration and model of the truck! )😜 If you are flexible, we will also be on the price! In this case the « ECONOMIC » formula is made for you with the delivery or the resumption of your order integrated in our morning tour (9h-13h) or in our afternoon tour (13h-18h) that we carry from Monday to Friday in the Paris region and in the Oise with a maximum of 800kg and/ or 20m3. We always call or text you before arriving. However it is not possible to obtain the driver’s number or the registration of the truck because they can change at the last moment.
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Stairs yes but not too much anyway !

We stop at nothing! And then to each problem a solution... If access to your event is complicated for a trolley or a pallet truck we organize together a study of the additional means that we must provide to carry out this event logistics. We have already faced many difficulties such as gravel driveway, sand, elevator too small or too luxurious (yes you should not damage it) but also stairs of all kinds and of all types... (it is one of the specialties of Paris). But be careful if you do not warn us and declare a ground floor access without obstacles other than a sidewalk, you expose yourself to the fact that our driver is alone and blocked with additional costs for the customer...
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Solution Événements delivery trucks 24/7
Solution Événements Installation

the assembly/disassembly
Is it you or us ?

You decide !

If your availability and skills allow, you can then arrange the installation and then drop off of your event equipment rental and/ or reception furniture. Otherwise we take care of everything with our teams of stage managers, technicians assemblers, road...

Case #1


You are a great sportsman available with lots of friends

You do the assembly/ disassembly

Like a rigorous professional, you will unpack and install the equipment. After the event you will put everything back in the same condition as when the delivery. In case of technical questions you can call us during opening hours.
Packaging and transport boxes remain on site during the event. Plan the place!

Case #2


Place to professionals, you know how to delegate, each his profession !

we take care of everything

Stay focused on something else. The Solutions Événements team brings arms and neurons.
Of course we have to pay but you will see, we are good people and you will only have to decide! Until the end of the customer service we will take back the packaging and transport boxes if you do not have the place to keep them.
Solution Événements French Team
LED wall technician LED wall technician

Video engineer and technician and for technical services such as LED wall assembly.

Assembly Technician Assembly Technician

Assembly technician and event road worker for furniture arrangement and installation.

Decorator Technician Decorator Technician

Event decorator for setting up and dressing the stage with carpet and skirt.

Manager Manager

Management and coordination of the operation and compliance with specifications.

Sound Light Technician Sound Light Technician

Video engineer and video technician for all types of video technical services.

Graphic designer Graphic designer

Creation of visuals and event printing. Branding of your communication operations.

Project Manager Project Manager

Your single point of contact for the organization of your event operation.

Road Handler Road Handler

Management and coordination of the operation and compliance with specifications.

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Collection and return
to the warehouse
by you.
Free !
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