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Pro Light Show Rental | Solutions Événements

Welcome to our "Light Games" category, where we offer you a varied and complete selection of equipment to illuminate and enliven your evenings and special events. Whether you are organizing a private party, a wedding, a concert, a corporate evening or any other festive event, our light shows are designed to create unique and unforgettable atmospheres.
Our catalog includes a diverse range of light effects to meet all your needs. Disco balls, classic and timeless, add a touch of glamor and magic to any space. Perfect for dance parties and retro events, they project bright bursts of light that captivate and delight your audience.
Black light spotlights are ideal for creating neon effects and illuminating fluorescent decor or special clothing. They are perfect for themed parties, clubs and events where you want the bright colors to pop dramatically.
Lasers provide a futuristic and dynamic ambiance, with precise light beams that draw patterns and shapes in space. Perfect for concerts, festivals and DJ nights, combined with strobes, lasers add a striking and immersive visual dimension to any event.
Renting our light shows allows you to transform any space into a vibrant and festive place, without the hassle of purchasing and maintaining equipment. All of our products are carefully maintained and tested to ensure optimal performance with every use. Our team of experts is also available to advise you on the choice of light effects suitable for your event and to assist you in their installation and use..

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Rental of disco ball 100cm

Disco ball 100cm

115.00 €HT
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Mirror ball rental

Disco ball 40cm

14.00 €HT
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Motor rental for disco disco ball

Mirror ball motor 40 cm

15.00 €HT
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Rental of Multi-color Light Shows - MARTIN VOYAGER/LYNX

Martin - Voyager/lynx

9.00 €HT
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Rental of Color Changing Projector ICOLOR 4 + CDE CA32 (ideal for DJ or Musician)

Jb systems - Icolor4

25.00 €HT
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Rental of light displays - DERBY

Light games - DERBY

10.00 €HT
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Rental of MARTIN ATOMIC3000 strobes

Martin - Atomic 3000

29.00 €HT
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