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Light Controller Rental | DMX accessories | Event Paris

Welcome to our "Light Controllers and DMX Accessories" category, dedicated to all event and stage production professionals. At Solutions Événements we offer you a complete range of DMX control equipment essential for creating impressive and perfectly synchronized light shows.
DMX controllers are at the heart of managing professional lighting systems. Our selection includes W-DMX Blackboxes, reliable and versatile devices for wirelessly controlling your DMX lights. These systems offer maximum flexibility when setting up your lighting, allowing precise and efficient management of light parameters according to your specific needs.
Our DMX splitters are essential for efficiently distributing the DMX signal to multiple light fixtures from a single source, ensuring stable and interference-free transmission of control data. This is particularly useful in complex setups where multiple fixtures need to be synchronized and controlled simultaneously.
DMX recorders are practical tools for capturing and replaying pre-programmed lighting sequences, ensuring perfect execution of your lighting scenarios even without real-time control. They are recommended for permanent and temporary installations where accuracy and reliability are essential.
Our DMX dimmers allow you to easily adjust the light intensity of projectors and lighting fixtures, thus offering fine control over the lighting ambiance of your event. They are suitable for use in a variety of settings, from private parties to large public events, ensuring a lighting atmosphere suitable for every moment of your program.
Finally, we offer a complete selection of high quality DMX cables to ensure a reliable and secure connection between all your DMX equipment. Our cables are rugged and durable, designed to withstand the rigorous conditions of event environments.

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